Gallery Blocks™

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  1. Introducing Gallery Blocks!

    Gallery Blocks offer an incredibly unique way to display your artwork.
  2. Three-Dimensional Art

    Gallery Blocks allow you to combine text, color, photos and 3D visuals
    to create a stunning piece of art that will instantly impress.
  3. Quality Workmanship

    Gallery Blocks are made with a high-quality wood base. After the base is crafted, the prints are
    laminated onto the wood with professional-quality photo paper. The result is clean 90 degree
    corners and quality construction.
  4. No Assembly Required

    Your Gallery Block will be shipped to you 100% assembled, so you can hang it on your
    wall straight out of the box!
  5. Easy and Effective Cleaning

    All that is required to clean your Gallery Blocks is a damp cloth. Our lamination process ensures that
    you can clean and otherwise maintain your Gallery Blocks with minimal worry and effort.