Face Masks

Design your own protective Face Masks that are as unique as the face underneath!

Create custom Face Masks with your photos, art, or logo!

Our custom printed Face Masks feature a three-layered structure, with polyester outer and inner layers, and cotton liner inside for protection and comfort. Face Masks make great gifts, giveaways, or promotional tools for your business.

  • Sizes: Large (Adults) & Small (Children)
  • Construction: Cotton-Lined Dye-Sublimated Polyester
  • Fit: Adjustable Grommet Keeps Mask in Place
  • Care: Machine Washable & Quick Drying
Custom Printed Cotton Face Masks

Dye Sublimated & Cotton Lined for Comfort

Our Face Masks consist of 2 layers of polyester on the outside, including the printed portion, and a cotton liner on the inside. Straps are made from a polyester and spandex blend. Plastic grommets are included to facilitate a custom fit. These Masks fall within the CDC recommendations for cloth facial coverings; they are not suitable for use in clinical or surgical settings.

Custom Printed Face Masks are Dye Sublimated and Cotton Lined for Comfort


Masks are available in 2 sizes: Small (Children) and Large (Adults).

Fully Adjustable for the Perfect Fit

Our printed Face Masks come with plastic grommets to help you adjust the Mask's straps to fit you.

Adjustable Face Masks for Adults and Children
Face Masks Adjustable Fit Step 1

Bend a paper clip to shape

Face Masks Adjustable Fit Step 2

Slide paper clip onto Mask strap

Face Masks Adjustable Fit Step 3

Slide grommet over paper clip, allowing the strap to come through the grommet, then remove paper clip

Face Masks Adjustable Fit Step 1

Adjust grommets until the Mask fits your face comfortably

Easy to Wash, Dries Fast

Custom printed Face Masks are machine washable with like colors on warm. Line dry is recommended, or tumble-dry on low heat. Remove adjustable grommets before washing.

Custom Printed Face Masks are available in large and small sizes