Acrylic Blocks

Vibrant prints are mounted behind 1" or 1¼" polished acrylic for a striking tabletop display.

A small tabletop display with big impact.

Acrylic Blocks feature beautiful Fine Art Prints face-mounted to 1" or 1¼" thick plexiglass with hand polished crystal clear edges. Prints stand solidly on end on any flat surface.


Prints are face mounted on plexiglass with hand polished crystal clear edges. Choose from Metallic or Vivid Surface.

Acrylic Block Features

2 Thicknesses

Choose from 1" or 1¼" thick plexiglass. Both stand solidly on their own on any flat surface.

Acrylic Blocks in 2 Thicknesses

Optional Engraving

Optional laser engraving can be added to 5x7" Acrylic Blocks, producing a frosted etching that floats in front of your image. Choose from 3 stylish designs: "So Much Love", "Graduate", and "Forever".

Thoughtfully Engraved Acrylic Blocks
Love - Engraved Acrylic Blocks

So Much Love

Graduate - Engraved Acrylic Blocks


Forever - Engraved Acrylic Blocks



Acrylic Blocks are finished with a subtly textured Black Backing.

Acrylic Block Backing Styles


1" Thick Acrylic Block Sizes
2x8 5x7 (Engraving Available)
3x12 6x6
4x4 8x8
4x6 8x10
1¼ Thick Acrylic Block Sizes
5x7 8x8
8x10 10x10
8x12 -