Double Float MetalPrints

Two MetalPrints mounted together for a contemporary "framing" effect.

Double Float Metal Prints are a unique way to present your photos on metal.

A single MetalPrint is floated 3/8" off the surface of a second, larger MetalPrint, producing a contemporary 3 dimensional effect. The print in the back can be a photograph or design of your choice, which creates a 1" frame around the front MetalPrint. On sizes 16x20 and larger, the print in the back creates a 2" frame.

  • Surfaces: High Gloss, Mid-Gloss, Satin, Sheer Glossy, Sheer Satin, & Textured, Individually Selectable for Both Prints
  • Display Options: Hole in the Back for Easy Hanging, or Float Frame
  • Corner Treatments: Sharp Square, 1/8" Rounded, 3/16" Rounded, & Scalloped
MetalPrints creative edge

Float Frames

Our Double Float MetalPrints can be combined with a recessed Float Frame for a captivating display with added depth.
Float Frames are mounted with a space between the frame and the top MetalPrint, so that the print appears to be floating within the frame.
Each genuine solid wood moulding is carefully handcrafted and inspected.

Available in four corner treatments

Sharp Square, Rounded, or Scalloped corners can be specified for each print.

Sharp Square

Sharp Square

Default option.


1/8" Rounded



3/16" Rounded

More noticeable.





Your choice of High Gloss, Mid-Gloss, Satin, Sheer Glossy, Sheer Satin, or Textured Surfaces. The surface is individually selectable for both prints.

Double Float MetalPrints™
4x6 Front, 6x8 Back12x18 Front, 14x20 Back
5x5 Front, 7x7 Back12x24 Front, 14x26 Back
5x7 Front, 7x9 Back12x36 Front, 14x38 Back
8x8 Front, 10x10 Back16x16 Front, 20x20 Back
8x8 Front, 12x12 Back 16x20 Front, 20x24 Back
8x10 Front, 10x12 Back16x24 Front, 20x28 Back
8x12 Front, 10x14 Back20x20 Front, 24x24 Back
10x10 Front, 12x12 Back20x24 Front, 24x28 Back
10x20 Front, 12 x 22 Back20x30 Front, 24x34 Back
11x14 Front, 13x16 Back24x24 Front, 28x28 Back
12x12 Front, 14x14 Back24x30 Front, 28x34 Back
12x12 Front, 16x16 Back24x36 Front, 28x40 Back

Framed Double Float MetalPrints™
8x8 MetalPrint Floating on 12x12 (Framed Size Approx. 15x15)
12x12 MetalPrint Floating on 16x16 (Framed Size Approx. 19x19)
16x16 MetalPrint Floating on 20x20 (Framed Size Approx. 23x23)

MetalPrint™ Add-Ons Size/Description
Corner Treatments Rounded or Scalloped
Wooden Shipping Crate
(3 prints per crate maximum)
Required for shipping prints over 30" on the short side, or over 40" in length.